Our cleaning services always includes bearing and drag service as well as CorrosionX treatment.

$15 assessment for any reel that is broken down and can not be repaired. We only service Ambassadeurs that are made in Sweden and do not service Okuma, Fin Nor, Mitchell, Truth/Seigler, Maxell, Shakespeare or any off-brands. Additionally, the only Daiwa reels we service are Saltist, Saltiga and BG conventional and spinning reels. We also do not service any low profile freshwater or saltwater baitcasters.

**Please do not text orders. Emails are much easier to track and respond too.

**Please contact me before shipping any reels. Also, please put your name and contact information in your shipping box along with a description of the issue you are experiencing.

Type of ReelExampleCleaning Service Pricing
Standard ConventionalPenn 113/114, Toriums, Saltist, Calcutta,
Fathom, Squall, 320-330
Large Penn 9/0-16/0
$35 each,
Levelwinds $37 each
$40 each
SpinningBasic Spinning
Bait Runners / Live-liners
Advanced Spinning (Sustain, Saragosa, Saltiga)
$35 each
$40 each
$37 each
$50 each
Single Speed Lever DragTLD, Fathom, Squall, Daiwa, Avet, Talica$35 each
Two Speed Lever DragTLD, Fathom, Squall, Daiwa, Avet, Talica
Avet Raptors
$40 each
$43 each
Single Speed Large Trolling ReelsAvet, International$45 each
Two Speed Large Trolling ReelsAvet, International, Tiagras $50 each

**We convert Penn 10/0 and 12/0 to high speed trolling reels using: stainless gear stud and pawl, heavy carbontex drag washer and Tiburon T-bar. Please call us for pricing